Corsi di recupero della lingua inglese in tutti i livelli

Da oggi sono possibili anche corsi di recupero della lingua inglese in tutti i livelli, e di preparazione al PET con madrelingua.


Learn Italian in Tuscany, Cortona

sede.jpgThe courses are structured as follows: generally in group, up to 5 students, to facilitate language learning, especially for levels A1-A2. The second type is characterized by the combination group lesson and 1 or 2 hours of private lesson. The third type includes the classic lesson with the individual student “one to one”.

The courses

Group Courses: 3-10 participants (average: 5-6 students each class)
The group courses consist of 4 hours (60 minutes each), Monday to Friday.

If the group consists only of two students (same level), the time is reduced at 3 hours of lesson.
If there is no suitable group available to an applicant, the school will offer 2 hours of individual tuition per day at the same price of the booked course.

Individual tuition: is available both morning and afternoon.

Remedial courses and educational courses

Educational material: photocopies (they are included in the price). The students can buy the text books.
Levels: it is based on the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” of European Council: beginners, elementary, intermediate I, intermediate II, advanced I, advanced II.
At the end of the course students receive an attendance certificate.

The courses start after an entrance test (written and grammar test and short interview, 9-10).

Rules and Regulations: students are kindly requested to read our general conditions.

Cultural and recreational activities

Do it in Tuscany Aside from regular courses Polymnia offers optional cultural and recreational activities covering the entire week to ensure not only the enjoyment and cultural fulfilment of the students, but also to encourage them to practice the language in all of its aspects.
These activities are fundamental in contributing to the creation of a relaxed and familiar atmosphere that involves students, teachers and staff and facilitates the constant monitoring of the progress of each individual student.
The cost of the recreational activities is not included in the course price.

Some of the following services are offered in cooperation with Do it in Tuscany, we recommend visiting this website for further activities.

Walking tour of Cortona
First Mondays afternoon of the course, the teacher organizes a walking tour for the new students.
Along the walking tour, the teacher shows the most striking places of Cortona. The walking is a real open air lesson. A Teacher accompanies the students along an itinerary of the most significant monuments and museums, illustrating the historic and artistic aspects.

Tours and excursions
Polymnia organises visits and trip in the most important artistic and cultural places of Tuscany and Umbria. A Teacher accompanies the students along an itinerary of the most significant monuments and museums, illustrating the historic and artistic aspects. The destinations to be visited depend on the time of year and the on the presence of special events/art shows.

Visit to wine Estates
The Tuscan country side is famous for the wine and for the olive oil.
Visits will be arranged to farms that produce these and other typical, local products, allowing students to observe first-hand how wine and olive oil are produced, in the beauty of the rolling hills lined with cypress; where man and nature work in harmony, incorporating both innovative and ancient techniques. Of course during the visit there will be a tasting of the local products.

Cooking Class
A particular attention is regarded to Italian Cuisine especially Tuscany Cuisine. The geographical position of Cortona (between Tuscany and Umbria) let the mix between these kind of cuisines.
So the menu is varied but it focuses on the traditional foods as well as to choosing menus that are appropriate for each season and occasion.
The students will prepare a complete menu with the chef who we’ll meet in different Agriturismi that work with school. This activity is recommend because it helps the students to get better the vocabulary and to improve the interaction with Italian people.

Special courses for students in three days
These courses are structured for students who want to study Italian in an alternative way.The idea is to learn Italian not only in the classroom but around the city where students can immediately acquire the basic knowledge of the Italian language thanks to the real-life situations (go to a bar to have a coffee, go the weekly market, go to museums). This kind of lessons are used primarily to implement immediately the concepts that are acquired on the first day when there will be a brief knowledge and teaching some basic words. The cost is 200 euro per person.


Travels to Tuscany
Travels to Tuscany

Discovering Tuscany with Starr and David, a couple of tour operators that live in Cortona and organize guided tours around Valdichiana. Starr and David will make your vacation unforgettable. Visit their website and discover all the activities.